aterjsa's Journal


first of all...my appearance is, in short, I'M FAT! XD

but i prefer to be called chubby...

i wear glasses (i really have bad eye sight >_<)

has long straight, shiny, black hair (according to others, it is shiny but i doubt it)

height: 5'3"

weight: haven't checked it recently, but i know i gained a lot of weight since i couldn't stop eating lately...XD

short fingers, long nails

likes to sing and i was told i have a nice voice but I TRULY DOUBT IT >_<

i'm an inside person, meaning i prefer to stay at home than roam around the city and doing things...

during my free time, i'm often found facingthe cmputer (make that a liitle bit behing 'always' XD)

i'm a little hot-tempered and a bit impatient...

i'm kinda generous at times but could also explode if you abuse my generosity,...XD

i know it's last but here it is:
please call me 'RJ'(i know it's a guy's name but i assure you i'm a GIRL) , 'RAM' or 'AI-CHAN'!!!

ps: there are still a lot of things a can say about me but i'm having a hard time on describing them...just PM me if you wanna know more...:))


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